Whilst all our displays are made to order, occasionally we get asked to produce a ‘one off’. Some examples are shown here.

Clear sack display

Epping Forest District Council asked us to make a display to help publicise their dry recycling collection.
The clear vac-formed sack shown here is mounted on a plywood backing sheet supported by a simple fold out leg at the back. It forms a tough and rigid display which can be easily transported in the back of a car.

Information point bin display

• provides a point of contact from which your recycling promotion team can engage with the public at roadshows and other events.

• eye-catching flag printed with your logos and slogan.
• cut-away bin display tailored for your requirements, showing either recyclables, green or residual waste.
• your logo vinyls on each side of the bin.
• a digital screen media player (inside the lockable lid) for your video presentations (mains powered or with rechargeable battery).
• ‘table top’ for leaflets with a small storage area below.
• you can provide us with one of your bins to ensure it matches those used in your area.
Price £3000 + VAT. Delivery costs dependent on location.

Environmental models

We design and make models for a wide range of clients. This educational model was produced for Welsh Warer and was designed to show children what happens to rain on different surfaces. Children are invited to pour a litre of water on to a variety of surfaces and measure the run-off collected beneath. The buildings and trees are made from moulded rubber, making the model both durable and fun to use.