compost bin

The standard compost display

is a clear fronted bin showing the many types of kitchen and garden waste that can be composted. It contains artificial flowers & foliage, fruit & vegetables, dried tea bags, washed egg shells, strips of egg box and shredded paper, hay and dried commercial compost. It’s fitted with a timber base and heavy duty lockable castors. It can be safely laid on its side for transportation.

Price: £1100 + VAT
Weight: approx 13 kg
Note: the display has some dried organic content so should not be stored in damp or humid conditions.

The folding compost display

consists of two hinged graphic panels showing a cross-section of a compost bin and lists the greens and browns which together create the right mix for good compost. The display is suitable for table top use.
Each panel measures 52 x 60cm.
It’s supplied with a padded carry bag.

Price: £450 + VAT

The photo panel display

uses the same cut-away bin as the standard display but has a laminated photograph showing the bin’s contents. It is lighter than the standard display and is fully water resistant so can be left out of doors.

Price: £650 + VAT
Weight: approx 10 kg

Clear fronted compost display

(far right) Designed for use outdoors at education centres and nature reserves, this composter can be filled with all the usual biodegradable material: fruit and veg peelings, dead flowers, shedded paper, garden waste etc. It has a removable front cover which allows people to view the composting process through a clear acrylic panel. The printed cover describes the composting process and must be replaced to allow the mini- beasts to continue their work in the dark.

Price: £650 + VAT
Weight: approx 10 kg