portable MRF

The portable MRF is a table-top version of our popular Mini MRF interactive display. This version folds up for storage and can fit into the boot of a car. It enables children, in groups of six at a time, to get a better understanding of the waste sorting processes that take place in a MRF. One child gets to load cleaned rubish onto a sloping shoot at one end; another moves the waste along by winding a handle on the conveyor belt; and others use magnets, air pumps and their hands to sort the waste into four labelled boxes.

Whilst they’re busy doing this the recycling officer can describe the function of the MRF, to sort the waste into individual streams ready for transportation to other facilities for recycling.

The portable MRF has been designed with health and safety in mind, it’s built using recycled plastic side panels, is robust and built to last.

Table / surface needs to be 180x50cm min.
Weight: 28kg
Folded size: 90x50x40cm

Price: £3000 + VAT. Delivery costs dependant on location.